Inorganic Chemistry

Synthesis of transition-metal complexes and their reactivity in various redox and catalytic reactions; supramolecular redox chemistry of non-planar and fused porphyrins.

Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry

Creation of multi-nuclear metal clusters with controlled structures and electronic states; chemistry of functional metal complexes with controlled electronic states and structures.

Analytical Chemistry

Studies on chemical processes at microdroplet/solution and microparticle/solution interfaces using electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques.

Molecular Condensed Matter

Structure and property of soft molecular systems, and dynamics and phase transitions in them.

Physical Chemistry

Studies on interfaces and condensed phases by linear and nonlinear molecular spectroscopy; Synthesis of emissive compounds and kinetic analyses of formation and deactivation processes of the emissive state by TCSPC; Studies on photofunctions and photochemical properties of newly fabricated molecular assemblies and inorganic particles in mesoscopic scale.

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Studies on acceleration and control of synthetic organic reactions. Development of synthetic reactions using organofluorine and organometallic compounds.

Organoelement Chemistry

Low-coordination and multiple-bonded compounds of heavier group 14 elements and organoelement chemistry of Group 13-14.

Supramolecular Chemistry

Design and synthesis of functional organic compounds applicable to host-guest and supramolecular chemistry.

Bioinorganic Chemistry

Investigation of architecture of metalloprotein and metalloenzyme structures; Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of paramagnetic metal complexes; Development of molecular probes for second harmonic generation imaging.

Structural Biology and Chemistry

Study of proteins in soft-tissue sarcoma, chromatin remodeling factors and a photosensing flavoprotein. Structural biology and chemistry using single-particle electron microscopy and its development.

Bioorganic Chemistry

Isolation, structural elucidation, synthesis, and bioorganic studies of bioactive natural products. Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel biologically active molecules.

Pharmaceutical Science

Design and synthesis of orexin receptor agonists/Design and synthesis of opioid ligands/Research and development for narcorepsy, severe pain, depression, pollakiurea, malaria, other protozoal diseases, and cancer drugs.

Material Inorganic Chemistry

Studies on inorganic solid state chemistry and electrochemistry for advanced functional materials (including lithium ion battery positive and negative electrode materials, and advanced solid electrolyte materials).

Solid State Chemistry

Studies on the super-structured thin film of molecular compounds and its application to the organic transistors.

Surface Electrochemistry

Functionalization of solid and electrode surfaces; Redox flow battery for renewable energy introduction; Construction of micro multi sensing devices for marine environment.

Organic Electronics Chemistry

Research on structural properties and photo-electrical properties of thin films based on polymers, molecular compounds and organic-inorganic hybrid materials, and chemistry on organic electronics such as organic photovoltaic cells (solar cells).

Nano-Carbon Materials Chemistry

Synthesis of the functionalized nano-carbons and their spectroscopic characterizations.

Photofunctional Material Chemistry

Photofunctional organic molecules especially showing photo-induced solid-liquid phase transitions and light-driven mechanical motion.

Functional Polymer Gel Chemistry

Research and development of functional polymers and polymer gels for application to soft actuators, soft robots, micro fluidic devices.

Material Organic Chemistry

Studies on the efficient preparation of heteroatom compounds (organophosphorus chemicals in particular) via catalysis and development of heteroatom-containing functional materials.

Organometallic Chemistry

Chemistry Design and synthesis of novel transition metal catalysts, development of catalytic reactions for precise synthesis of new organometallic compounds containing main group elements.